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If you'd like to know if you qualify to register for the event, please submit your full name, make/model, which specific event you are inquiring about, and a few images of your build to (all vehicles welcome: imports, domestics, european, luxury, exotic, race, rally, drag, drift, trucks, electric, bikes, etc.)

Car Clubs of 10 or more are eligible for a team discount. Please contact with the name of your club and number of entries for instructions.

Registration is limited to 300 show vehicles.

Each $50 Car Registration includes 2 passes to the event. One for the driver, and one for a passenger or guest.

Each $25 Ruckus or Bike Registration includes 1 pass to the event for the rider.

First time vehicle entries may be asked to provided additional images or modification information for final approval. Prior participants vehicles that have already entered previous HIN shows will automatically be approved. For the most part, if you do not hear otherwise, your vehicle is approved.

Full detailed load-in information comes a few days before the show date, so don't worry if you don't hear anything until then.

If you would like to Reveal your vehicle at HIN, please email us at along with details of the project car you plan on unveiling. NOTE: Reveal vehicles must NOT have been shown in public or any media, social media, or appearances in the past. This must be a completely first time showcase of your build and you must be selected to be a part of the unveiling schedule onsite.


Saturday October 12, 2019 from noon to 4pm.

Show starts at 5pm and concludes at 11pm.

Registrant Information

  • - Includes two passes to the event, one for the driver and one for a passenger

  • - Includes one pass to the event


Vehicle Information

NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES! No Cancellations or rain checks.

As a participant in Hot Import Nights, I agree to hereby hold harmless the organizers and participants of Hot Import Nights from any claims of loss and / or harm regarding same event. I acknowledge that my vehicle has general automotive liability insurance in the instance of any incident or accident onsite at Hot Import Nights. I agree to abide by all standards and rules set forth by judges and organizers of Hot Import Nights. By the undersigned, I hereby agree to accept under reasonable conditions, the final judgment and award of prizes of the participating judges of same event. I understand and accept all rules and claim by my signature that all the above information is correct and understand that any false information can jeopardize my eligibility in this competition. I allow Hot Import Nights and their Sponsors photo and video rights of my vehicle, my likeness, and my words taken at the event to be used in any form or manner.


For questions regarding registration email us at

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