2024 HIN Alaska Media

Registrant Information

Media and photo credentials will be issued only to recognized journalists representing verified websites, news services, publications, newspapers, television networks, radio networks, local television stations, and other approved media outlets. Media outlets may be limited to one credential.
Due to insurance reasons, photo and video credentials are very limited and available only to qualified applicants. ALL approved general media personnel must submit event coverage at their earliest convenience to be considered for future HIN events.

Applicants selected for the sponsor photo and video credentials must attend a mandatory media meeting with a representative from Hot Import Nights and the sponsor PRIOR to load in at the event location. Failure to attend the meeting will revoke applicant's media credential.
Hot Import Nights reserves the right to deny any media credential request. Hot Import Nights also reserves the right to revoke any media credential.

As a participant in Hot Import Nights, I agree to hereby hold harmless the organizers and participants of Hot Import Nights from any claims of loss and / or harm regarding same event. I agree to abide by all standards and rules set forth by organizers of Hot Import Nights. I understand and accept all rules and claim by my signature that all the above information is correct and understand that any false information can jeopardize my eligibility. I allow Hot Import Nights and their Sponsors photo and video rights of my my likeness, and my words taken at the event to be used in any form or manner.

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